• The idea of Tallinn-Helsinki undersea tunnel becomes reality!



  • Tallinn – Helsinki: The idea of a fixed link, connecting two European capitals is one of the most ambitious projects within the Baltic  Sea region. Connectbaltica has been a great supporter of this initiative, by adding this subject to the agenda of its various events.
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  • Resent News

    Connectbaltica 5th Annual Convention 2015

    Tallinn 11.11.2015: This year’s ConnectBaltica Convention took place in Swissotel in Tallinn focusing on Mobility. Following the approach to transform ConnectBaltica towards an Estonian ITS Organization the event was mainly performed in Estonian language and live streamed to the Internet. There have been almost 30 participants on-site and almost 100 participants on-line via live stream. Read more HERE

  • At a Glance

    CONNECTBALTICA is a macro-regional initiative and academic forum for sea, road and rail transport in the Baltic Sea region. The involved partners from the academic, public and private sector cooperate to ease customer operations in intermodal maritime and land transport and to reduce operating costs for ferry, rail and road operators. Its intermodal approach to integrate Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) facilitates driver and passenger services such as automated ticketing, boarding and check-in, secure parking, as well as control and management of public and private parking facilities, payment and traffic management. CONNECTBALTICA from a regional perspective thereby serves a total population of about 43 million spread over the seaboard regions of the ten Baltic Sea countries of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, and Sweden. From the local perspective in the past years the organization has more and more developed to a national Estonian ITS Organization cooperating with its neighboring countries of the Baltic Region. Thus the organization in parallel also utilized the domain www.itsestonia.org.

  • Vision & Mission

    Complementing the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea region – a macro-regional strategy targeted to cope inter alia with gaps in transport accessibility – CONNECTBALTICA’s / ITS Estonia’s mission is to promote seamless sea and land transport linkages and to develop infrastructure within Estonia as well as in the Baltic Sea region from patchwork to network. Thereby, CONNECTBALTICA / ITS Estonia takes account of related regional initiatives and projects CONNECTBALTICA / ITS Estonia is allocated within this project environment and strategically orientated to:

    • Promote and develop intermodal sea-land and land transport connections
    • Institutionalize the appropriate scientific, technical and operational assistance
    • Foster interregional cooperation and research
    • Facilitate the steady growth in traffic and transport volume
    • Stimulate economic activity.

    Doing so, CONNECTBALTICA / ITS Estonia brings together stakeholders from the academic, public and private sector. These partners cooperate to propose added values and to make ITS tangible for the users, considering macro-regional factors and centring a scientific approach towards Transport Economics within Estonia as well as Baltic Sea Region.