1st ITS Estonian Working Group Meeting

Date(s) - 11/03/2015

Theme: Financing of Road Infrastructure in Estonia

European Union since its foundation is a success story for its member states and its citizens. Enlargement has enabled the new member states to grow, increase standard of living and to be better connected to the other European countries . Mobility is one of the political goals of the Union, whereas even countries such as Germany are suffering from the conditions of its infrastructure due to holdup of necessary investments. Thus not only large economicically stable countries and large economies, but also smaller economies such as countries with less than 4 million inhabitants suffer. For many reasons even a successful new member state such as Estonia is suffering in financing its road network which more and more shall be connected to Europe’s first class road network. Its geographical location, wheather conditions and size of the country are in some ways obstacles to operate and enlarge its first class road network.

Therefore it is the goal of the non profit organization Connectblatica, which has turned into a local-regional ITS organization to evaluate the political and financial aspects of road financing by inviting keynote speakers from Estonia and abroad presenting their position and discussing open questions with all participants during plenary session.

Date: March 11th 2015

Agenda: Download

Time: 14:00 – 16:45

Venue: Tallinn University of Technology

Place: The event will take place in the new Mektor building (please see map below)

Address: Raja 15, 19086 Tallinn

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