Advisory board of CONNECTBALTICA:

CONNECTBALTICA has an advisory board currently consisting of three members advising the management board also representing the interests of the members. By increasing the number of members advisory board will be enlarged in order to have all groups of stakeholders such as public, private sector and academics represented.

Prof. Dago Antov (Tallinn University of Technology, Stratum OÜ)


Dago Antov has been born in 1956 and has a MSc in Geo-Informatics and Cartography from Tartu University and DI in civil engineer-road engineering from Tallinn University of Technology. Currently Prof. Antov is Chair of Transportational Logistics at Faculty of Civil Engineering within the Department of Transportation at Tallinn University of Technology. Moreover he works for consulting company Stratum, which is a spin-off of Tallinn University of Technology. Read more…

Andres Peets (Signaal AS)


Andres Peets was born on 17.07.1959 in Tallinn. He was active in the field of telecommunications in the nineties and in 2004 he took over the position of Chairman of AS Signaal, a company involved in road equipment and traffic management, which is a spin-of of City of Tallinn.



Margus Nigol (Tallinn University of Technology, Stratum OÜ)


Margus Nigol is managing director of Stratum OÜ, founding member of ConnectBaltica and a spin-off of Tallinn University of Technology, also referred to as TTU. Margus Nigol graduated in Tallinn University of Technology in 1993 as mechanical engineer. He has worked in traffic consultancy Stratum as engineer-consultant since 1997, since 2008 also as Head of the Board. Stratum provides consulting services in the field of traffic management and traffic analysis supporting private companies such as real estate developers for example or governmental bodies to implement different kind of ITS solutions in road traffic. Moreover he works as a traffic management lector and researcher at Tallinn University.

Dr. Christoph Demuth (Tallinn University of Technology, SWSZ)


Christoph Demuth has an PhD in Economics and graduated at Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien). He has been working for companies such as Coca-Cola, Munich Airport and British Airways. Working in the ITC sector for more than 15 years, he has been involved in tolling projects in Austria, the Czech Republic, South Africa and Poland as well as in the tendering processes in various countries including the US. He also teaches Intelligent Transport Systems & Transport Economics, Management and Leadership as well as Business Development at Silesian School of Management (SWSZ) in Katowice and Tallinn University of Technology (TTU). He is CEO of Kapsch Telematic Services Solutions AS in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Speakers & Lecturers

Siim Kallas (European Commissioner for Transport)

Siim Kallas (born 2 October 1948 in Tallinn) is an Estonian politician, currently serving as European Commissioner for Transport. He is also one of five vice-presidents of the 27-member Barroso Commission. He has been nominated as commissioner for Transport and vice-president in the second Barroso Commission. Moreover Mr. Kallas has been Prime Minister of Estonia, Estonian Minister of Finance, Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs, and member of the Riigikogu. Kallas is a member and former leader of the free-market liberal Estonian Reform Party. Kallas was a vice-president of Liberal International. Mr. Kallas has graduated at Tartu University, where he is now visiting Professor. (Source: Wikipedia). Read more…

Prof. Erkki Truve (Vice Rector Tallinn Technical University)


Prof. Erkki Truve is born in 1965 and has graduated at Tartu University. Since 2010 he is Vice Rector for Research at Tallinn Technical University. Read more…

Dr. Hermann Meyer (Chief Executive Officer, ERTICO – ITS Europe)

Hermann Meyer has worked at ERTICO, a Public-Private Partnership initiative to support the development and deployment of ITS in Europe, since 2008. He is Vice-Chair of the iMobility Forum and a member of the Coordination Committee of the Network of National ITS Associations.

Dr. Maria Attard (University of Malta)


Dr Maria Attard graduated in Geography from the University of Malta and pursued her doctoral studies at UCL (UK) in transport geography. She is a senior lecturer within the Geography Department at the University of Malta and the Director of the Institute for Sustainable Development within the same University. Her research has focused on policy and transport demand management measures in particular, road pricing, park and ride and more recently public transport. She has also coordinated the Geographic Information Systems laboratory at the University since 1997 and has published on GIS education in secondary and tertiary levels. She served as consultant to Government on matters related to land transport for eight years involving herself in policy design, project development and implementation and monitoring. Read more…

Hele-Mai Metsal (Port of Tallinn)


Hele-Mai Metsal graduated in Tallinn Technical University in 1992 as civil engineer. She is working in Port of Tallinn since 1998, since 2006 as head of infrastructure development department. She  works out infrastructure development plans in all 5 harbours belonging to Port of Tallinn – Old City Harbour,  Muuga Harbour, Paldiski South Harbour,  Paljassaare Harbour and Saaremaa harbour.

Vasyl Ostapchuk (Business Development B+S Card Service)


Currently Project Manager at B+S Card Services GmbH responsible for the development of acquiring business across Europe. Previously Expert Strategy and Business Development at German Air Navigation Provider, DFS. Degree in Economics, J.W. Goethe University-Frankfurt am Main.

Ao. Univ. Prof. DI. Dr. techn. Georg Hauger (Technical University, Vienna)
Port RS 10

Prof. Georg Hauger obtained degrees in Landscape Planning from the Vienna University of Natural Sciences and Spatial Planning at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) respectively. Following this, Prof. Hauger received his doctorate in 1996 at the Centre of Transporation Systems Planning at TU Wien. Since then, Georg has held a number positions in various academic institutions, including Head of Department of Business Informatics at the Vienna University of Applied Sciences. Currently, Prof. Hauger is Head of the Centre of Transportation System Planning and Associate Professor at the Department of Spatial, Development and Infrastructure Planning at TU Wien. In addition to this, Georg is also a lector in Economics and Transport Policy; and Environmental Management at the Vienna University of Applied Sciences. Georg has experience in working on number of international projects in a number of countries such as Nepal, Indonesia, Uganda, Tansania, Ethiopia and Jordan. In addition, he has also written numerous publications in his field and given presentations at numerous international conferences and events.

Nico Ståhlberg (Astronomic)
Port RS 38

Nico Ståhlberg is CEO of Astronomic. Astronomic is a research-based company with a number of concepts to revolutionise transportation systems. It’s key concept is the “Sonic Loop” a proposed supersonic train that uses electromagnetic technology tol travel from Helsinki to Tallinn in under 5 minutes. Read more..


Advisory board:

CONNECTBALTICA has an advisory board currently consisting of three members advising the management board also representing the interests of the members. By increasing the number of members advisory board will be enlarged in order to have all groups of stakeholders such as public, private sector and academics represented.


Josef Czako (Senior Vice President, International Business Development, Kapsch TrafficCom AG