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CONNECTBALTICA Convention 2015

Tallinn, 11.11.2015


This year CONNECTBALTICA – ITS ESTONIA Convention 2015 will focus on mobility. Mobility stakes are increasingly important in today’s fast-growing urban centers all over the world. Our biggest city Tallinn is no exception in this regard. Hundreds of private cars (as well as public transport) share the city space with pedestrians and users of bicycle traffic.

All this car traffic produces a large extent of pollution. We may instinctively hop into our car, even though cycling or public transport could be a more efficient choice. This year’s theme of multimodality encourages people to think about the range of transport options available, and to choose the right mode when travelling.

One of the aspects is also congestion charge successfully used in several European capitals as well as ITS-bringing solutions for reducing CO2 emission.


Date: 11.11.2015

Location: Swissotel
Address:  3, Tornimäe | Tallinn 10145 | Estonia
Tel: +372 624 2444 | Mob: +372 5302 6646 | Fax: +372 624 2445



14:00 – 15:00

1st Session – Road charging and city congestion charging 

Keiu Rõa - Ernest & Young   

“Ernst & Young study on the effects of road use charges in Estonia”

Gilbert Konzett – Kapsch TrafficCom AG

“Italy‘s limited traffic zones – Z.T.L. Zona traffico limitato – for city centers”


15:00 – 15:00

Coffee break


15:30 – 16:30

2nd Session – The opposing views


Marek Rannala – Kami OU

“The main street of Tallinn’s vision for the future (a speed limit of 30 km/h)”

Ain Kendra – Draken Expert OU

“Better and smoother traffic in the city (“a speed limit up to 70 km/h”)

 Round table discussion

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